Please read the following document very carefully BEFORE booking a hiking tour.
You will be required to sign a Waiver that you and your party have read this once a date and time are secured.


Luckily, nature and the outdoors have been scientifically proven to be superbly low risk in terms of COVID-19 transmission.

Current situation:
...Niagara Region - [PHASE 2] – Outdoor guiding and walking PERMITTED
...Province of Ontario – Groups of 10 PERMITTED

Signing the Waiver (this is NOT the Waiver) later will imply that you HAVE read this form.
PLEASE CONSIDER THESE FOLLOWING GUIDELINES that will be adhered to during Owen's
Hiking And Adventures outings:

-Your personal health first. You may book a hike only if you can verify the following about yourself and your party.
...You have NOT travelled outside of Ontario within the past 3 months
...You have NOT had COVID-19
...You have NOT been
in close contact with someone who HAS or has HAD COVID-19
...You have NOT recently felt sick, or currently feel sick
...You have NOT been in close contact with someone who HAS recently been sick
...Your workplace has NOT experienced a COVID-19 outbreak

-Groups of 8 hikers maximum. In order to book the hike, you must be one of the following:
...Immediate family
...Those within your “Circle of 10" (closest friends and others you maintain safe contact with)
...Significant others
...For safety at this time, other parties will not be joining your tour

-Practice social distancing. According to Ontario's Provincial health guidelines, we will do our part to maintain 2 m distance from other hikers outside of our group. Your Guide will respect the distance from your hiking party as well.

-No private fees. Providing Ontario remains under a State of Emergency and/or encourages smaller, more private groups, there will be no additional cost to have a private tour. All tours are currently assumed as private. Private rates will resume as regulations subside. Therefore, please note, if you book a date further into the future where regulations become removed, you will be presented the choice for a normal private rate, or public tour rate.

-COVID-safe on the trails. We will avoid areas where crowds may form, and safely move around common touch points on trails. Please respect the 2 m distance of others. Your Guide will step the group aside (and not into poison ivy!) should other people approach us on the same trail.

-Your COVID-safe guide. Unfortunately, I cannot touch your cameras to take photos. I cannot supply toilet paper, lighters, or any touch-and-return items. I continue to provide certified first-aid with all the appropriate PPE (mask, gloves, etc)*, as safety is always first in an emergency.

-No lunches provided at this time. We're keeping our partners safe, and their delicious lunch options off the menu for safety concerns. This option will resume later.

*in addition to the usual recommended packing list available on, under “Booking” then "Welcome Hikers", please take note of COVID-19 related recommendations at the bottom of that document.

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