THE BRUCE TOUR (Follow link below for pricing)

     This exciting, one of a kind tour must be booked through our amazing partner, The Bruce Tour- please follow the link to message for booking:
     Are you looking for a longer, more immersive, all-inclusive guided hike with me or Owen's Hiking And Adventure-trained guides? Look no further than this incredible hiking, "glamping" (deluxe, glamorous camping), and culinary experience that will make your hiking boots sing with satisfaction!
     My friends at The Bruce Tour will set all of this up- you just have to show up and hike! Hopefully, I will have the privilege of guiding you through your preferred sections of the 890 km trail, which I have been fortunate to hike in its entirety, in one shot in 2014. Link to video:

-Hike sections of Canada's longest and oldest marked hiking trail, the Bruce Trail.
-Experience the most biodiverse region of the country and a myriad of scenic ecosystems, including waterfalls, cliffs, and deep forests
-Average hikes are 9 hours and 21 km a day, with a mix of hotel / "glamping" accommodation already arranged 
-Healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided ; "Chef In The Bush" cooks your dinner right in front of you over an open fire (2nd link below)
-Camp in a large luxury tent, featuring a bed- already setup at the end of your big hiking day
-Price includes equipment rental (backpack, hiking poles, first aid kits, etc.)

Difficulty: Challenging
Duration: Average 8 hours, average 21 km /day, for 3-4 days of hiking and camping (glamping)

Check out the "Chef in the Bush" world class culinary experience, too:

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