Hire speaker ($150 per event- price change subject to mileage)
     Listed below are topics available for speaking events. Each talk features an exciting and colourful "photo journey", and includes:

-45 min to 1 hr presentation

followed by
-Q & A / Discussion period

     These talks are great for school classrooms, interested clubs, corporate groups, and training sessions! Please contact me in on the Booking page for this exciting, engaging service.

-Living in a Biophilic World- 

     What does it mean to be "Biophilic" in a world dominated by human interests and a fragile natural world? This talk discusses how humans relate to the natural world in modern times, and explores how I've lived my life outdoors in many shades of green, plus the rewards and challenges I've experienced- and how that applies to you.

-Thru-Hiking the Bruce Trail: 885 km, 37 days- 

     A story of the beautiful and harrowing solo expedition on Canada's oldest and longest marked hiking trail. The scenery of southern Ontario will definitely surprise you, the stories will make you wince, and the heartwarming community effort to support this hike will inspire.

-Saving Thundering Waters Forest- 

     Wade into the waters of a controversial and ongoing story located in the heart of world famous Niagara Falls. What happens when politics trumps conservation in one of Canada's most outstanding wetland ecosystems? This bizarre and contentious story is about how the community is fighting to save this irreplaceable natural treasure, and how you can help.

-Hidden Corners: NIAGARA- 

     When friends team up to explore the lesser known green spaces of touristy Niagara, the discoveries and film obtained took the region by surprise. Scenic waterfalls without the tourists, big cats, ancient wetlands, and animals you might not know you share space with are all featured in a talk that will help you appreciate Niagara's "other" backyard. 

-Hidden Corners: EAST ANDES ECUADOR- 

     Journey into the famous Amazon rainforest at its prime, where it grows up the side of the Andes mountains. This talk showcases what is literally the world's most species-rich area. I was fortunate to be the first ever outsider to set foot in some of these jungles. I will also discuss being hospitalized in a foreign country, and how eagerness and friendship got me back into the forest quickly.

-Hidden Corners: FLORIDA-

     Perhaps Canada's favourite vacation spot, not many people have seen Florida like this. Living out of a van while pushing through bugs and suppressing heat was certainly worth it. I was chased by an alligator up a bank (lived to talk about it), filmed impossibly cute otters, and investigated the many conservation issues threatening Florida's wetlands.


     When you think of Australia, do you think of lush green tropical rainforests? How about the world's oldest rainforest? Covering less than 1% of the continent but containing the most species, this talk showcases the beauty, importance, and dangers of where this rainforest meets the famous Great Barrier Reef.

-Chasing High School Dreams- 

     Are you a student, of any age or stage, who twitches in your seat for a dream job or lifestyle? For me, the ideas of long distance expeditions, making nature documentaries, and starting a hiking tour company all began in high school. This talk is aimed at students who know what they love and want to make it happen. The presentation may fuel students who consider a career in biology, but much more importantly, it encourages young people to chase their dreams realistically- in any field. 

-Human Vulnerability in Nature- 

     This talk discusses the feelings and deeper message associated with being alone in nature. What is it like to go several days without seeing anyone? What goes through your mind when the cell phone reception is gone, and mother nature throws her scariest mood at you? Have you ever been alone in the woods without feeling lonely? I use my previous experiences from around the world to discuss these feelings, and what they might mean at a deeper level for humans and their relationship with nature.

-The Circle of Life- 

     This talk delicately proposes the similarities of our personal lives, and how similar themes occur across the natural world. We will discuss the implications of events and people leaving and entering our lives, and how this is the foundation of how nature has always worked. The end linkage is that we are still a part of nature, and that may help us expand our horizons. A talk for reflecting, discussing, and healing.

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