WILD WATERFALLS TOUR ($55 per person)
     Niagara Falls is spectacular for a reason, but did you know about Balls Falls or Rockway Falls? We can explore these two hidden sanctuaries through their steep-cut gorges, have a swim on a hot day, and admire colossal ice formations in the winter. No matter what season, a variety of wildlife can be spotted and the rock formations will always impress.  Plenty of photography opportunities, as the landscape is complex. Both of these waterfalls are unique in their appearance and canyon formations, the only thing in common being their location along the rugged and biodiverse Niagara Escarpment. The deep pockets of Carolinian Forest are an essential habitat to migrating birds and some fascinating reptiles. Swimming options exist at Balls Falls, weather permitting. 
Difficulty: Moderate/Challenging
Duration: 5 hours

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