WILD WATERFALLS TOUR ($30 per person [1 waterfall site], or, $50 per person [2 waterfall sites])
     Niagara Falls is spectacular for a reason, but did you know about Rockway Falls, Balls Falls or Decew Falls?
     We can explore these three hidden sanctuaries through their steep-cut gorges, have a swim on a hot day, and admire colossal ice formations in the winter. No matter which season, a variety of wildlife can be spotted and the exposed rock formations will always impress.
     There are plenty of photography opportunities, as the landscape and waterways are complex. All three of these waterfalls are unique in their appearance and canyon formations, the only thing in common being their location along the rugged and biodiverse Niagara Escarpment. The deep pockets of Carolinian Forest are an essential habitat to migrating birds and some of my favourite fascinating reptiles.
     Swimming options exist at Balls Falls and Decew Falls, weather permitting. Be advised that there are no formal changing facilities, but there would be natural places for privacy. Additionally, a lunch option exists at a local pub, winery, or restaurant (separate cost for the 2 waterfall sites option- please inform us during booking if you'd like a delicious lunch stop).

     Please scroll down and view the waterfall options, then, mention the 1 waterfall site or 2 waterfall sites choice during booking.

Difficulty: Moderate (Rockway Falls and Balls Falls)/Challenging (Decew Falls)
Duration: 2 - 2.5 hrs (1 waterfall site), or, 5 hrs (2 waterfalls sites, includes driving time between)

Rockway Falls
     Dramatic rock scenery is at its absolute best here. Thankfully, a gentle hiking trail leads down into the otherwise extreme scenery of the 15 Mile Creek canyon, where we look for salamanders and turtles amidst the water pools. Weather permitting and for adventurous hikers, we can "scramble" to the base of the waterfall for amazing views, where we stand at the foot of some of Niagara's most impressive sheer cliffs.

Balls Falls
     An enormous plunge / ribbon waterfall which can be viewed from above or below depending on seasonal water levels. This giant green incision into the Niagara Escarpment gives people a feeling of being "Up North" with its cooler microhabitats and vegetation characteristics, home to beavers, kingfishers, and an impressive autumn salmon run. Clear, refreshing swimming holes pocket the creek bed for those who want to relax on a hot day. 

Decew Falls
     The most adventurous and exhilarating hiking tour in Niagara! For experienced hikers only, who will be rewarded with exciting, full-body engagement amidst the lush Carolinian Forests and endless cascades. We spend much of the time walking in the creek bed, and occasionally scrambling on four limbs up steep banks as we investigate old-growth trees and countless animals in the water. This creek system flows year-round, and Niagara's most scenic swimming opportunity lies at the base of Decew Falls.  

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