WILD WETLANDS TOUR ($50 per person)
     Put on some rubber boots, and be prepared to see what the majority of Niagara Region once looked like, with three stops at swamp forests and a bog- where wildlife sightings and eerie landscapes are at their absolute best. These wetlands are home to rare or endangered species, with amphibians, birds, and insects you are likely to only find in Spring. BEST IN MARCH, APRIL, MAY. Great for nature geeks, biology enthusiasts, and exploratory mindsets who aren't afraid of the mud!

-These wetlands are a pleasure to the eyes and ears, especially in Spring
-For the adventurous and muddy hikers! You MUST HAVE your own rubber boots!
-Heartland Forest- the perfect introductory stop for our tour, with dry trails visiting the deep swamps and paths frequented by snakes and turtles
-Willoughby Marsh- put your boots on! This tract is a beautiful flooded forest housing rare bird species, plenty of frogs, and intriguing fungi
-Wainfleet Bog- visit Canada's southernmost bog, home to carnivorous plants, a timid species of rattlesnake, and loads of spongy peat moss
-Minimal hiking impact in ecologically sensitive areas
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
Duration: 4.5 hours 

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