NIAGARA GORGE ($25 per person)             
     A truly world-class hike and a favourite since my childhood, let's hike down through 420 million years of rock history together. Noted for its profound scenery and biological wonders, "the Gorge"- as locals call it- is a wonderland for adventurous hikers. The rewards and discoveries to be had in the Gorge are countless, as the scenery changes around every corner of the trail.
     Please be aware that this hike involves long steep sections, a couple scrambles, and large staircases, which guide you through the highly biodiverse Carolinian Forest. 

-Watch Class 4 and 5 rapids slice through the canyon from the rocky shores
-Beavers, nationally rare salamanders, bald eagles, and some of Canada's tallest tulip trees live here
-Feel a gentle breeze over you while observing the turquoise waters of the Niagara River
-Pass by boulders bigger than trucks in the middle of the woods, and gently observe the dozens of moss and fern species

Difficulty: Moderate/Challenging
Duration: 1.5 hrs or 2.5 hrs

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