PICK-A-WATERFALL-AND-GO ($35 per person)     A full hike can be spent in either the Balls, Rockway Falls, or Decew Falls canyons; all three of these waterfalls are visually stunning and reward those who venture out to see them. Nowhere near as touristy as Niagara Falls! Wildlife sighting opportunities are high as many animals use these valleys as “habitat corridors”. All 3 falls are similar but provide exclusive differences; please inquire for details.

-Balls Falls (a Lower and Upper falls) gives a deep mountain wilderness impression with moderate or challenging trails. There is also an optional local pub stop along the trail.   

-Rockway Falls has the most dramatic canyon and rare vegetation communities, with moderate or challenging trails. This is one of the lesser visited sites along the Niagara Escarpment. 

-Decew Falls is a lush, deep green forest and a safe place to swim on a hot day, but recommended only for truly experienced hikers who like a good challenge! Only available when the trails are dry.

Difficulty: Moderate/Difficult Duration: 2.5 hours

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