Join us for a heightened, fun and educational hiking tour! Walking through the village of Queenston and the Niagara Escarpment forests with professional educator Owen Bjorgan.

     In Canada, we have entered an exciting era of legalized cannabis and all of the enjoyable things it pairs with! Aside from your mind, body and spirit- cannabis goes wonderfully with nature and the great outdoors. It is about as natural as it gets!
     Join local tour guide and biologist, Owen Bjorgan (BSc. Biodiversity), on an unforgettable journey through the quaint village of Queenston and up the ancient Niagara Escarpment- a UNESCO listed World Heritage Area. Once inside Canada’s richest ecosystem, hikers will learn about what makes Niagara’s woods special while also having an opportunity to explore their senses. This is where salamanders scurry along the nation’s oldest and longest marked hiking trail, the Bruce Trail, amid towering giants that are 250 years old.
This 3 hour adventure is at a relaxed pace and it is rated as a moderately scaled hike.

   BOOK this hike through High Q Niagara- and I will see you on the trails!

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